The Father Bill Betson Council, Knights of Columbus (so named in honor of the former priestwho served 


in all three Moline parishes before his untimely death) is open to all practicing Catholic men 18 and 


above.  We meet in the Believers Together Center library at 7pm on the third Monday of each month.


The KCs were founded over 150 years ago to protect the financial future of families in the event of the 


death of the breadwinner and to provide charitable assistance to those on the margins of society.


In addition to offering various forms of insurance and annuities (none required to belong) the Knights 


are proud to have been recognized for 70 million hours of volunteer service and $170 million in 


charitable contributions during the last fiscal year.



Our council is involved in a number of events benefiting Christ the King Catholic Church and other local 


and state wide activities including:


- Pancake breakfasts like the ones where all proceeds collected were donated to the CTK 


- Intellectual Disabilities Drive (better known as the Tootsie Roll Drive) helping Special People 


Religious Education fund and the council provided all the food


Encounter Christ, Blackhawk Special Education Center, Children’s Therapy Center of the 


Quad Cities and Illinois State housing program for disabled adults


- Annual Snowball Dinner Dance


- Pro Life Activities


- Social Concerns yard sale and Arrowhead Ranch activities


- Funeral Luncheons


- Landscaping projects on church property


- Security assistance at the two main parking lots during the John Deere Golf Classic


Some council members have advanced to membership in the Father Bader Assembly, the patriotic arm 


of the Knights.  Activities include, in full regalia (cape, chapeau and sword):


-  Escorting the Bishop during formal ceremonies including confirmations, priest funerals, 


- Funeral casket guard and wake chalice presentations


- Parades where a banner displays recognition of the Knights being the front runners for 


- Flag presentations, and flag retirement ceremonies


- Masses of Calvary Cemetery (for the unborn) (for Veterans and deceased KC members on 


- Special occasions as requested by the Diocese and local Parishes


parish anniversaries, and special masses


congress guaranteeing “One Nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance


Memorial Day)